Top Reason For Hard Disk Failure

Many Reasons Can Cause Hard Disk Failure

Reason 1: Manufacture defects

Explanation: Most manufacture sold the hard disk without testing it and causes problems on the hard disk without even realising it.

Solution: Return to manufacture as Dead On Arrival or if it is within warranty period to perform an exchange. For file recovery they will still be charge enormous amount as most manufacture only covers physical exchange of hard disk only. Come to DRSS, we can do the file recovery for you at low cost from $188 only!

Reason 2: Temperature

Explanation: Most hard drive that failed could also cause by the heat generated especially in the laptops or perhaps in the portable hard disk casing. Reason being it does not have any enought venitialition or it could be running in a long period of time wihtout having it rest for cooling down.

Solutions: In this case, hard disk performance can be detoriteated once it hit a certain point and that is when you unable to access to your drive anymore or system could detect that hard disk is not detected. Come to us we can do a check and perhaps if you are lucky both hard disk and file can be recovered at the same time!

Reason 3: Enclosure cable/Connections

Explanation: Common problem with the port connection. To get this power up, the enclouse needs to be removed to be able to power up and recover the files.

Solution: By changing the enclosure it will helps but beware of the warranty void if self repair is perform thus best speak to us from DRSS for opinion.