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Solid State Drive

DRSS use Proprietary Tools and Techniques in our cleanroom environments to Retrieve your Data. Our Team is Experienced in Full Data Recovery from SSDs.

SOLID STATE DRIVE – DATA RECOVERY SPECIALIST SINGAPOREis well known Data Recovery Services Provider in Singapore. Our Engineers and Specialists are expert in Handling and Recovering Data from any Solid State Drive.

We recover from any make, model or brand of SSD

Our collaboration with major manufacturers allows us to create solutions for SSD data recoveries from individual drives to enterprise storage systems.

SanDisk®Samsung®PNY Technologies®
Western Digital®Micron®Crucial®
OCZ® TechnologyKingston Technology®Transcend®

Our SSD solution set is too large to list them all. Please contact our experts, if you don’t see your brand listed.

Typical Causes for SSD Data Loss

Unlike hard disk drives, solid state drives store data in flash memory chips. Data loss can occur with SSD storage devices due to physical damage to the flash chips and how data is logically stored on them. Here are some common failure types with SSD drives:

  1. Electronic component failure
  2. Controller chip failure
  3. Flash cell degradation from natural use
  4. Power surges or failures
  5. Damage to printed circuit boards
  6. Damage to connectors
  7. Data corruption after firmware updates

Additionally, SSD storage devices are not immune from traditional data loss events such as human error, computer viruses, natural disasters, and software/program corruption.

Our data recovery experts can overcome technical challenges that are unique to SSD and flash technology, such as decoding complex SSD data structures for individual brands, specialized controller chips, and many other SSD specific issues.

Encrypted SSD Data – We Follow Security Guidlines!

Security is a major concern for individuals and businesses, and as a result many SSDs use either hardware-based or software encryption. At DRSS we apply our proprietary “decryption-on-the-fly” process to drastically reduce the time it takes to decrypt and recover your data.



We require the encryption credentials such as a user key, password, pass-phrase, or encryption software key file in order to decrypt the data. DRSS specialists also work with companies that utilize a challenge/response methodology for providing the decryption credentials for their environment.

Solid State Drive Recovery

DRSS serving peoples of singapore in recovering their data. DRSS has recovered thousands of SSD in its clean lab and follow Data safety and privacy guidelines to protect each single byte of user's data.

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