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We provide data recovery services throughout the world for almost all types of storage media. From hard drives, SSD, RAID and USB memory sticks. Most recoveries we offer a free diagnosis and if its not possible to recover your CRITICAL data then there is no charge for the recovery work.
We have security cleared personnel on site so you know your data is safe and secure. Return media is encrypted to help safeguard your data and assist with GDPR compliance.
To use our services, please call us on the number above, where we will undertake an initial assessment of the problem, for example we may ask you if a hard drive is clicking, or if a memory card is accessible on the computer. We use this information to give you a quote and expected time frames.

Data Equipment
Using our 10 years of data recovery experience, we will build
laboratory and technically proven and established data
recovery hardware and sophisticated digital software tools to create a highly effective operational facility.

Recover data from:
• Seemingly ‘dead’ hard drives
• Hard drives with corrupt firmware
• Fire damaged hard drives
• Water damaged hard drives
• Maliciously damaged hard drives
• Crashed hard drives
• ‘Clicking’ hard drives
• Deleted files from hard drive
• Memory cards
• USB memory sticks.

Data Recovery Laboratory Hardware Tools
We deliver a range of leading industry hard drive repair tools
that offer a complete solution to a number of known faults. The
repair tools will enable you to repair mechanical faults such as
stuck motors, damage heads, damaged tracks, burnt chips and
complete platter swaps. This will allow you to recover data from
physically damaged drives.
Data Recovery Software
We deliver a number of data recovery software tools to enable
you to diagnose, image and repair complex hard drive firmware
issues. You will also have the capability to target your recovery
of specific files, such as emails, documents or images. The data
recovery software package enables you to work on both new and
older technology, giving you the ability to work on all hard drive
Data Recovery Logical Tools
We deliver a range of logical tools to enable you to undertake the
firmware repairs from damaged hard drives. Logical damage
often occurs in the service area of a hard drive and causes a
number of complex challenges to accessing the data. Having the
ability to view, repair or replace the firmware modules allows
access to the data and the subsequent imaging and investigation.

Through the successful repair of damaged media devices of
both a physical and logical nature, you can facilitate further
investigation of evidential data from seemingly impossible

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