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Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Specialist Singapore (DRSS) Recover All Data From Crashed and Burn Drives, Cards, Laptop, PC & CCTV DVR.

Data Recovery Services Singapore


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Data recovery services singapore – You can save your drives from failure


Data Recovery Services Singapore

Data Recovery Services Singapore

Reason 1: Manufacture defects

Explanation: Most manufacture sold the hard disk without testing it and causes problems on the hard disk without even realising it.

Solution: Return to manufacture as Dead On Arrival or if it is within warranty period to perform an exchange. 

Reason 2: Temperature

Explanation: Most hard drive that failed could also cause by the heat generated especially in the laptops or perhaps in the portable hard disk casing. 

Solutions: In this case, hard disk performance can be detoriteated once it hit a certain point and that is when you unable to access to your drive anymore

Data Recovery Services Singapore
Check out the 6 Signs Indicating Hard Drive is failing

Sign No.1 - Frequent Computer Freezes, and Crashes

Sign No.2 - Missing Files or Files Failed to Open

Sign No.3 - Consuming Excessive Time to Access Folders and Files

Happy Customers

Very Happy

Very happy with my experience with the guys at Data Recovery Specialist Singapore.They offer a great service. Got my data recovered with in a couple of days. Saved me from a big loss of data.

Michael Smith


Get My Data Back

Nuh was very responsive and gave me details on how the process was going to be like including the cost. Top service! Thanks.

Albert Han

Must Recommend

Was promptly updated with the recovery process and cost was very attractive. He basically saved my life. Must Recommend!!

Sally C

Best Experience

Despite the challenges faced during the data recovery, the Specialist Mr. Nuhfear did not give up and continued work on it. Thank you very much for his persistence and assistance. Great job!!

Helen Wong

Great Support

I truly believe in the wonderful and effective services offered by data recovery specialist Singapore. I am really glad that I contacted them they helped me to recover my whole data.

Mack Linn

Featured As One Of The Best Service Provider

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data recovery software

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